High School Seniors

High School Seniors,

Welcome! What an exciting time you are in! I am so glad that you are interested in the Baptist Collegiate Ministry. This ministry has impacted my life in more ways than one.

I started going to BCM my freshmen year at the University of North Georgia but never got involved till my sophomore year. Looking back, I really wish I had gotten involved sooner.

Through my college years and involvement with BCM I’ve met lifelong friends, I’ve learned how to live out my faith on campus and I’ve come to understand what being a disciple of Jesus means in my day to day life.

In addition to personal growth, I’ve had the privilege of seeing the impact our ministry has had in student’s lives on my campus. BCM has also given me opportunities to get involved in international ministries as well as local mission opportunities. This summer through SendMeNow Missions I will be serving in New Orleans.

I highly encourage you to get involved in a BCM at your college! I’m so thankful for the impact this ministry has had on my life and the college I attend!

Emmy Reichart
State President


Please let us know your College plans. If you fill out this form, a Campus Minister from your prospective school will contact you.

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